Thursday, February 9, 2012

Singer/Songwriter: Annaliese Schiersch, Part 3

Shot the amazing Annaliese Schiersch again for some new cover art. So far we worked on one of the images for an MTV page posting of her sone "All out of Love"
Here's the cover art and the info she posted about where the song was played and posted on MTV:
"catch “caged” on mtv monday, february 13th @ 10/9c to hear, “all out of love” then, head to for the free digital download!! even if you don’t watch the show you should still pick up the free song." ... head to and then to the Cage show page for a free download of the song!

Also check out "Sad Songs are for Happy People" where Annalese released the single on iTunes with an image form one of our shoots for the cover art. The song along with another one of her songs "Rusty" aired the other week on ABC's "Jane by Design."
Here's a link to her iTunes and the cover art used for "Sad Songs are for Happy People."

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Singer/SongWriter: Annaliese Schiersch, Part 2

I shot Annaliese Schiersch again recently to help her further her musical image. Here are some of the quick pics from our current edit. The idea is that some of these will be used for her promotional interests as well as a cover shot for her new single that she recently recorded "Pretty Little Thing." All in all we had a lot of fun shooting and Annaliese was real pleased with the images!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Singer/SongWriter: Annaliese Schiersch, Part 1

Shot Annaliese for her new promotional photo's last week. We are planning on shooting more to help her develop the singer persona she's looking for in print. Annaliese has an amazing voice and is super fun, but with a serious tone in her music. This is something we want to experiment with further.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Adrianne Leon in Art Deco

I shot Adrianne Leon in a set of Art Deco styled Dresses provided by Jackie Juniper.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Model Test, Shaun

I shot this model test with Shaun on Oct. 9/09 and makeup and hair was by Grace. We set this up on short notice and I figured I would just shoot some different looks around the Airstream on the roof of 5th. I was NOT going for a full story between the different shots. I tried to have some other shots set up, but there was not enough time for them. The first is a back light shot inside the Airstream which I figured would be more commercial and the second out side shot I wanted something more Poppy and fun, hence the outfit changes and Karate Kick!! All in all it was a fun shoot.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Look Book

I shot this around the end of September. It was a Look Book shoot for There were four models and three makeup artist on set, all booked by Kami. We shot 19 articles of clothes in about 3 hrs. As far as looks I was shooting a high fashion pose as well as casual poses. I chose to put up a mix of the shots/poses to show a variety of the styles.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Model Test, Nabila

I shot Italian model Nabila and make up by Max at 5th and sunset LA on Saturday 09-12-09. It was on short notice and not much was planned out, but I feel I got some great beauty shots and I had fun shooting the dramatic backlighting.

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